Pesto Cedar Plank Salmon

Salmon is by far my favorite food. I love its rich, buttery flavor and its smooth texture when cooked just until it flakes with a fork. With such a strong and distinctive flavor, it’s one of those proteins that doesn’t need a lot of seasoning and extra ingredients to taste great. Tonight, I decided to…

Rainy-Day Comfort Food: Turkey Noodle Soup

I had one of those days when you need soup. It had been raining for three days nonstop, I was tired, in a bad mood, stomach uneasy.  One of the great things about soup is its versatility. It’s a dish that allows for creativity, opens itself to whatever

My Favorite Salads

I make a salad almost every night. It tends to follow a formula: a base of shredded carrot or red onion or both, followed by a circle of either tomatoes or fruit, croutons or cheese and nuts in the center, always symmetrically placed. Here are some examples of typical Julia salads:

Spicy Shrimp and Arugula Pasta

This is the sort of beauty that results from experimenting with the ingredients you have on hand. I had leftover shrimp from a package of Christmas shrimp cocktail and thought why not cook with it instead of dip it in what was left of the mediocre