Vibrant Pesto Salmon

IMG_0862I went out to dinner last night, and one thing about the restaurant’s dishes that stood out to me was its attention to color. We eat with our eyes and noses before we eat with our mouths, so I believe the presentation of food is important. If it looks pretty, it will hopefully taste pretty, as long as the colors you use have flavors that compliment one another, too.

Tonight I decided to make my favorite salmon preparation, only I added caramelized onions and finely diced red pepper for color, and decided to garnish it with a lemon wedge. The result: even better, both in terms of flavor and in terms of presentation. I really liked the added sweetness of the caramelized onion and the extra kick from the peppers, and the yellow, red, and green created a nice array of colors. Sometimes little changes can really elevate a dish.


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