Mushrooms Are Delicious on Almost Anything

IMG_0907I love mushrooms. Any kind, any form, on almost anything. Sometimes I just crave their earthy, meaty flavor, soaked slowly in butter to give it that extra richness. Mix them with caramelized onions and you have yourself a meal before you know it. That’s what I did tonight with a flatbread pizza and it turned out lovely, just enough sweet and salty.

Thoughts about caramelized onions: I’ve usually cooked them in just butter and salt, but at my new job, the chefs use sugar instead of salt. So I cooked them in butter, salt, AND sugar and felt they came out better than ever. Also, I added the mushrooms to the caramelized onions once they were about halfway caramelized, which I think helped give the mushrooms even more flavor. In general, things will develop more flavor if you cook them for a longer period of time, but be careful with vegetable because overcooked vegetables are a very sad disaster, both to taste and to see.


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