How to Fluff Up a Sandwich

IMG_1071.jpgAll restaurants like to save money. It doesn’t matter how big, how successful, how generous the establishment is–every place has its tricks. Ever wonder why sandwiches look so tall and luscious? A lot of it comes down to how you stack the ingredients. If you lie something flat, it will look flat. Fluff it up and it will look more alive. It actually doesn’t take a lot of meat to make a sandwich look full–you just have to stack it right. Here is a simple trick to pump up any deli meat sandwich:

Start out with two slices of meat stacked flat on top of each other.
Fold one slice in half, to the side.
Fold the other piece in the opposite direction, to the back.
Fold each slice in half one more time so that you have layers like this. Repeat the process with remaining slices. Depending on the size of the bread, either stack them straight on top of one another for smaller bread, or in a staircase pattern for larger pieces of bread. The trick is to cover the bread completely while also giving the meat a lot of height. Once you have all the meat stacked and covering the bread, add whatever vegetables, sauces, cheeses, etc. you want. If you add anything leafy like lettuce, I find it looks best with the edges of the leaves facing the outside edge of the sandwich, like in the picture in this post.



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