Summer Vegetable Flatbread Pizza


I’m not a vegetarian–I love fish and chicken and even pork if it’s cooked right–but sometimes I just don’t want meat. And sometimes a dish doesn’t want meat either. Flatbread pizzas are a good example. I often find myself debating whether or not I need to add a few pieces of chicken to a flatbread and decide that, really, it wouldn’t add much. Just add enough cheese (and in this case, hummus) and it should be satisfying. Unless you want meat, which is fine. Add a few pieces of chicken, maybe pulled pork, which sounds good, actually…

Anyway, I had this corn from last week sitting around in my fridge and decided I wanted to pair it with zucchini somehow. I also had hummus and celery leftover from some crudite I made for a Fourth of July party and was desperate to use the hummus in some way that wouldn’t make it a predominant flavor, because I just plain don’t like it very much. So I decided I would come up with a new flatbread pizza. The hummus came late in the developing process (upon reflection, I decided I wouldn’t use it in the future when I make this dish, due mostly to personal preference).

A word on the methodology: roast the corn and zucchini first before you put it on the flatbread with the other ingredients because they take a little longer to cook and taste better with a roasted flavor. Also, it’s better to cook the flatbread alone for a few minutes just to make it easier to spread the hummus.

Here’s a recipe, along with my notes on what I want to change in the future (do as you wish):

  • Homemade pizza dough (see earlier posts for recipe)
  • Hummus (or don’t, if you don’t like it very much or don’t want to bother; seriously, you don’t have to bother…)
  • Corn
  • Zucchini
  • Pepper flakes, salt, pepper, oil (for roasting), thyme (which I won’t use next time; it didn’t taste right with everything else)
  • Red pepper
  • Celery (also didn’t taste right with everything else)
  • Red onion
  • Feta
  • Fresh parsley

And that’s it 🙂


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