Hello, I’m Julia. I’m an English major fresh out of college with an insatiable appetite for beautiful food. This blog is my place to showcase my adventures in cooking, offering advice, recipes, inspiration, mouthwatering photos, or anything cooking related. I  specialize in salads, seafood, and pasta, particularly in Italian cooking, but I’m always looking for new flavor combinations and cuisines. Also, it’s worth mentioning that I adore pretzel bread and pesto, especially together.

You will notice that all my posts have photos, and that is because I believe food should be pleasurable–not only due to taste, but also due to appearance. Food should look appetizing. It should burst with fresh color and symmetrical patterns, an edible piece of art. We eat first with our eyes and our noses, our mouths last: why not indulge the senses that get us to that first bite?


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